Berlin Art Week - 2015

Berlin Art Week - 2015

Postby CAP » Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:51 pm

The sort of loose art fair really, you have before you get into the more elite art fairs around Berlin. Autumn - huge art market time in old Berlin town. Smell the money, wonder about the economy. :|
Mostly predictable crap of course and kilometre upon kilometre of the stuff - do we really need another Cindy Sherman retrospective or 'Irishman' Sean Scully survey? Scully, I think resident in Germany for some years now...

Most depressing sight - A Tobias Rehberger trying to be a Franz Ackermann for some reason. Is German art struggling? :mrgreen:

Well its Noughties generation certainly seem to be having trouble moving on. :twisted:

You leave it all feeling like this Bruce Gilden photo. :)
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