A Grand Guy reviewed by Denni Rusking

A Grand Guy reviewed by Denni Rusking

Postby dennirusking » Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:30 am

Lee Hill is the author of "A Grand Guy: The Art & Life of Terry Southern. Ok, maybe some film buffs on here will know that Southern wrote the screenplays for Easy Rider, Dr Strangelove and Barbarella, suggested to Stanley Kubrick that the turned A Clockwork Orange into a film. But I think it's fair to say Terry Southern is famous for being the only non famous person featured on The Fab Four's Sgt Pepper album sleeve. When I was a lonely teenager I would watch the films I mentioned in the hope there would be some sex scenes in them. Now that I'm an adult, the more I find out about "The hipster's hipster" the more I see him as a secret genius. Hill's book is worth searching the 2nd hand shops for. It's a great book about a great man.
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