Random Acts: Artist Interventions into Broadcasting

Random Acts: Artist Interventions into Broadcasting

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This forum celebrates the Random Acts series of commissions - including new commissions from FACT for the strand - and opens up a dialogue about the future of television as a shared space that has the potential to bridge new relationships between socially engaged audiences, curators, creative producers, and broadcasters.

Using Random Acts as its starting point, this day long event asks what is the future for TV as a shared space? How should artists use the medium? What should TV aim to be in the age of the Internet? How can television bridge new relationships between socially engaged audiences, curators, creative producers and broadcasters?

The forum will celebrate the Random Acts commissions (including 25 new films curated and co-commissioned by FACT) and discuss new models of broadcast and their dissemination in our increasingly networked culture.

Channel 4's Commissioning Editor for Arts, Tabitha Jackson, who is responsible for all arts programming on C4 and More4 as well as any cross platform and transmedia arts projects joins us to consider the future. She will discuss the potential impacts and opportunities for artist interventions in broadcasting with Director of FACT Mike Stubbs, and Lucky PDF.

International speakers include American performance, video, drawing and installation artist Marisa Olson, who in 2004 created 'Marisa's American Idol Audition Blog' where she documented and crowd sourced suggestions for her upcoming American Idol audition. Readers were asked to help choose her 'look', her song choice, whilst she practised walking in high heels, went tanning, campaigned in front of Fox HQ and took interview training classes with MTV presenter Tabitha Soren.
Chip Lord will be discussing histories of artist intervention with artist John Hill, of the ground breaking collective Lucky PDF.
Artist performances will take place including Jeremy Bailey's The Future of Television, a 'tele-presence augmented reality performance', and Roney Fraser Munro, who will be intervening throughout the day with a series of alternative personae that seek to create a DIY and punk aesthetic for the future of television.

Tickets cost £10/£8 (members/concessions) and are available online, from the http://www.fact.co.uk/whats-on/random-acts-artists-interventions-into-broadcast or by phone on 0871 902 5737.
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