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New Delhi: Kumar Gallery presents the largest ever show of important paintings by veteran abstractionist Sohan Qadri in an exhibition titled Sohan Qadri - A Retrospective: Important Paintings from 1961-2010 from September 1, 2011 till September 6, 2011 at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Says Sunit Kumar, Director, Kumar Gallery: “The exhibition-cum-tribute presents works by one of India’s most renowned and internationally acclaimed abstract artists, the late Sohan Qadri who passed away in Toronto on March 2, 2011 at the age of 79. This is till date the largest body of work ever seen on Qadri spanning six decades of his art practice and includes oil on canvas as well his own unique medium of ink and vegetable dyes on paper. We will also be launching the first major art book on him covering his entire oeuvre.”
Among the early abstractionists introduced by Kumar Gallery were V.S Gaitonde, Biren De, Ram Kumar and G.R.Santosh. Sohan Qadri who joined this group at the Kumar Gallery in 1963 remained ever true to his direction, ever evolving and further revealing his spirit and soul in his works. Throughout his oeuvre, Qadri reflected an intense personal journey, enhanced and inspired by the depths of his own painterly inner realm. An artist, poet and Vedanta vajrayan teacher in the true spirit of India’s ancient philosophy, Qadri loved to create symbols, which for him meant energy or Shakti – kinetic force. He had in his formative stage transcended figurative visuals as according to him “they limit the space”. He was well versed in various techniques during his art education and taught the same at the Art College in Chandigarh.
Among Indian abstractionists, Sohan Qadri has an important place. He used signs inspired from Kundalini yoga and Vajrayana yoga and his work appeared to resonate with the theories of colours having effect on our psyche based on the aesthetics of moods or rasas. Moreover, the visual flowering of his works in this genre is connected with years of practicing the physical and mental discipline of Sufis and yogis, two of whom he came into contact with in his home village of Chachoki near Phagwara in Punjab. During his stay in Africa, Europe and the USA over the years, he further attained the capacity to blend the various forms of mystical rituals with an original visual expression of an artist who saw our planet in context of the Universe and the Cosmos.

This is show that promises to allure you into the mystical world of Sohan Qadri.
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