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More Dodgy Hit Stats

PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:55 am
by CAP
I originally called this post Google’s Dodgy Search Engine but I’ve since come to realise the problem is not really Google’s – but rather my blog host Blogspot or Blogger. I’m grumbling here about a very minor matter concerning my post on Hans Ulrich Obrist's book Ways of Curating here on WWR, here on CAP’S CRITS. Type in 'Hans Ulrich Obrist Ways of Curating Review' and predictably the first couple of pages are entirely taken up by publishers' sites and mainstream press backslapping (e.g. The Guardian, Independent (sic) Telegraph, NYT etc) so independent or unsolicited reviews actually only creep in later in a search. Okay I'm fine with that. But in the case of my HUO review as it continued to pick up modest hits on CAP'S CRITS it actually disappeared - replaced by the version on WWR - which had only been attracting about half as many hits and hadn't previously appeared in the first ten pages, but now reached near the top of page three....

So what gives? This time CAP'S CRITS didn't even make it into the first fifteen pages of the search. I didn't look further. Previously I've noted that WWR is often ignored by Google searches, whereas since Blogspot is affiliated with Google usually CAP'S CRITS posts rate somewhere. But for its HUO review to just suddenly disappear looks a little suspicious. It looks like Blogspot has filtered it out at a certain point for some reason, leaving Google to substitute the WWR version, even when it doesn’t have anything like the same hits.

It might be a little more honest of Blogspot to admit up front that it may filter or obstruct some posts from search engines when it doesn’t approve of them at some point. Not that my HUO post was obscene or libellous. At least prospective bloggers would not then be under the illusion that their posts really are ‘free’ or uncensored. :twisted: