Pencil Drawing Eraser Templates

Pencil Drawing Eraser Templates

Postby CAP » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:01 am

This isn't totally random, as it still has some small bearing on art, but I recently discovered these nifty little gadgets, when faced with some testing erasures in large (Imperial size) lead pencil drawings. See my post on a drawing prize I'm entering. I may be just out of touch of course (true). It may be everyone uses them these days, but they are new to me.

So anyway they now make these very thin, little metal plates with a number of shapes cut in them, that you can use as templates to train your eraser on particular small areas of a drawing. When you're doing very large, finished drawings, it's a drag erasing because you need to rub fairly vigorously, or in a back and forth motion, that inevitably removes far more of the drawing than you'd like. Using one of these small (and cheap) eraser templates, you need no longer worry about collateral dammage, so to speak. You can now precision target the desired area, and with a firm eraser, easily remove it. Indeed, I've also used the template to add shapes to the drawing, so that one can subtract or erase creatively!


I should add the one I'm using is made by Danish company LINEX...
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