's Facebook etiquette guide, what to post's Facebook etiquette guide, what to post

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1. posts moaning about facebook (sort of like this one), telling us you're leaving FB, dislike the rules etc. You have a choice, just don't use it if it's so annoying.
2. one word updates on location(ie Paris, LAX, montecarlo). Interpretation: boasting how jetsetty you are.
3. atrocities ( I don't want to see dismembered people or animals in my feed)
4. death, cancer, mental illness etc (see above)
5. post this if you think (death, cancer, mental illness etc) is bad. No need to blackmail everyone, and yes it is bad.
6. banal thoughts on celebrity deaths, general agreement with chattering classes on issues of the day.
7. viral videos
8. surveys, I got 20 out of 30 on how stupid I am. I am bored but not that bored.
9. games, apps, farmshit etc updates
10. racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism (generally unpleasant in real and virtual world)

1. photos/videos of your intimate occasions or just life: holidays, places, weddings, dinners, parties, etc
2. links to articles on interesting subjects in newspapers and magazines with a summary of what they're about
3. art
4. your feelings about your life, things that are happening to you, your opinions. (not repetition of what everyone who reads the guardian thinks)
5. what you're eating
6. politics
7. genuine arguments between articulate FBers
8. something you made
9. breaking news
10. invites to fun stuff
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