Columbia Threadneedle Painting Prize 2016

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Columbia Threadneedle Painting Prize 2016

Postby CAP » Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:53 am

Depressingly dull assortment. Everyone here can certainly paint, but essentially display timid or conservative attitudes. Life measured out in teaspoons and so on. Most of this is just illustration and averge illustration at that. That undoubtedly says something about the judges and the scope and grasp of 'tradition'.

There's about ninety examples, mostly easel-sized, but after a while they merge into banality. Go there for no more than five minutes. Holly Zandbergen's The River Child (oil on canvas, 103 X 153cm) is about as wild as it gets. Would have got my vote, in a very uninspiring field. :x
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