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Viktor Timofeev

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:24 pm
by daviddipre
Hannah Barry Gallery,Peckham. Viktor Timofeev- 192.168.13[MONSTROcity]

A bit last minute with this post (only a few hours left of this show) but still worth a mention. I was pleased to find the Hannah Barry Gallery buried on an industrial estate in Peckham I was taken with the paintings of Viktor Timofeev, a painter based in Berlin who makes large architecturally influenced paintings,rooted somewhere between reality and C.G.I dreamscapes. Exaggerated perspectives and mutated geometry dominate this set of paintings,which on close inspection are surprisingly lose in their execution, with previous layers and drawn elements bleeding through. I looked up the artist online and found he had a substantial body of work from the last few years, that traces back to the origins of these current pieces. See more here: