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Postby JohnnyGuitar » Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:59 pm

I am a stereotypical cynic spouting the mainstream line for fear of being branded uncool. Imagine my amazement that each time I watch a certain point in "The music of the night" as performed by Brightman and Crawford, I think of coming here and writing this review, because what it does to me is better than any art so far or at least at this time.

It's the moment where she faints. What happens is that the phantom bloke suddenly shows her his art, and it depicts her, in all her beauty - it's a visual thing he's showing her, but obviously he's out there writing the music of the night or some such (i'm not really sure, i never watched it or read it or whatever it is you do with webber stuff) - but that moment, where he pulls away a curtain and there's an effigy of herself but more beautiful than real life even, sort of (yet it IS real life, obviously) (sort of) and she faints - I just feel enlightened.

It sort of tells me, sort of, exactly what it is I need to know to make art. Anyway, time will tell about that. So there it is. Webber, whom I would hold up as a grotesque satirical reality, something so perverse we should laugh that it exists, next to Rupert Murdoch, turns out to be able to impress the living hell out of my soul. Plus Brightman and Crawford too - always people I'd have gladly joined the too cool for school cats in mocking. A temporary glitch in an otherwise satisfactory and tasteful life? You may say so to cover yourself, and I'll grant you that.
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