Bonnard at the Tate Modern 2019

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Bonnard at the Tate Modern 2019

Postby jasperjoffe » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:35 am

As you get older, you feel like you are seeing the same shows in the same cities by the same artists, sometimes in a couple of cities if you move around, they move with you. That doesn't matter, really great art outperforms nostalgia.

I remember a big Bonnard show at the old Tate, didn't love it then. The Tate Modern (old bit) is an awful space for looking at art, a big people-controlling mallish nightmare of escalators and lifts designed to keep people moving to the giftshops and coffee stops. And the Bonnard show on a rainy Friday evening was as mediocre as I remember him. Bourgeois obviously. You think of the contemporary Matisse and Picasso (by really going flat or cubist), or even Van Gogh or the impressionists (better on colour and mark) taking this all so much further. The pervy bathtubs and crowd-pleasing pastel colours, and awkward drawing leave him in limbo. Of course, there is much to enjoy, but there is also a feeling of not quite that great. He is the perfect artist to attract yet more millions to stream through the art-hating spaces of the TM.
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