RUN!RUN!RUN! London (Regent’s Canal): Warming Up

RUN!RUN!RUN! London (Regent’s Canal): Warming Up

Postby Something Human » Thu Oct 16, 2014 4:29 pm

RUN!RUN!RUN! London (Regent’s Canal): Warming Up opens Cross-Cultural Live Art Project 2014 (CCLAP)...
It is part one of a 2-part performance run by Dr Kai Syng Tan that explores running as a creative process and how it can function as a playful toolkit for us to re-imagine London. The second part (booking not required), at 3.30pm, entitled A Rundown, is a performance-lecture that runs through the ways in which running can be activated an everyday ‘rite’ for the city dweller so that they feel as if they are ‘running’ it - metaphorically -as they physically run.

Kai completed her PhD at the Slade School of Fine Art. She is currently a Research Fellow of Leeds College of Art. Together with Dr Alan Latham (UCL Geography), she runs the RUN!RUN!RUN! International Body For Research, a research institute that investigates running beyond the mundane. The first RUN!RUN!RUN! event, the International Festival of Running 1.0, was a runaway success that was covered in the Guardian newspapers.
RUN RUN RUN! London, Regent’s Canal is commissioned by Something Human, a curator collective, for CCLAP under the theme of exploring gendered and/or feminist ideas of everyday ‘rites’

CCLAP takes place at The Proud Archivist and itssurroundings on 31st October & 1 November 2014. CCLAP brings together Southeast Asian and UK/European artists for a 2-day symposium, showcasing performances, talks and a screening programme exploring gendered/feminist notions of “rites”. Presented in partnership with SEA ArtsFest, Asian Performing Arts Forum, Live Art Development Agency and Romeet Contemporary Art Space.
More information here: ... t-project/

To book a free place on RUN!RUN!RUN! visit ... 3377744193
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