Cross-Cultural Live Art Project 2014 (CCLAP)

Cross-Cultural Live Art Project 2014 (CCLAP)

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CCLAP brings together Southeast Asian and UK/European artists for a 2-day symposium, showcasing performances, talks and a screening programme exploring gendered/feminist notions of “rites”. Presented in partnership with SEA ArtsFest, Asian Performing Arts Forum, Live Art Development Agency and Romeet Contemporary Art Space.

CCLAP instigates the sharing of the developments and critical reflections of significant and diverse live art practices in Southeast Asia and the UK, to bring the critical contexts for Southeast Asian live art practice in conversation with developments in the UK/European scenes. The project presents thought-provoking live art performances by Southeast Asian and international practitioners in London, bringing their work to a wider international audience.

The broader aims of the project are to educate and encourage live artists in the UK and Southeast Asia to work with local art centres to archive their work, to prevent irrevocable loss and retain a record of the historic and material development of live art scenes in their local contexts. Via the symposium and digital platform, CCLAP also aims to offer opportunities for artists with shared interests to meet, work together, mutually exchange learning and hopefully, foster relationships for future collaborative projects, extending opportunities for live art in both regions.


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