Belated complaints about Glenn Brown

Belated complaints about Glenn Brown

Postby CAP » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:40 am

How A Science Fiction Book Cover Became a $5.7 Million Dollar Painting and continued here. Charlie Jane Anders (a woman) grumbles along the old appropriation/plagiarism fault line - which keeps coming up in court cases . Koons and Prince have had to contend with it - apparently Brown has had his day in court as well, sometime back in the noughties. The issue came up with a lot of Pop Art obviously, usefully highlighting precisely in what ways the paintings differ from their source material - although that's not helpful in Brown's case. How does Brown 'transform' his source material?

Presented with a blunt comparison you do wonder why Brown couldn't have taken a few more liberties with the spaceship or planet size etc in his version, while still illustrating science fiction - or why he wouldn't have included the title or made up a similar title, if it really is science fiction illustration that is supposed to be at issue. Of course the whole thing is a bit dead these days since Brown has moved on, although I still think science fiction content has legs in painting... :ugeek:
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