How To Paint Like Vermeer

How To Paint Like Vermeer

Postby CAP » Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:35 pm

This guy seems to be saying the same thing Hockney said a while ago - that it's all done by mirrors etc, although this guy calls it a comparator. I think it's obvious that some sort of optical device was used, whether it was really such a great trade secret as Hockney makes out I'm not so sure - since the device certainly had a lot of drawbacks and still needed a lot of other painting skills to really make it work. I tend to think most people just weren't that interested. That famous Holbein in the National Gallery of Two Ambassadors certainly announces the availability of optics or lenses of some kind even back in the 16th century, so it wouldn't be surprising to find advances a hundred years later or by the time we get to Vermeer.

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