The New Art Review site

The New Art Review site

Postby CAP » Mon May 27, 2013 1:09 pm

It's simpler, quicker but fatally, still dull-as. Basciano and Charlesworth retain their places but the squad has otherwise been ruthlessly pruned. Playing big for the Chinese and Middle Eastern markets, at a glance, but still happiest reminding us of the jet-setting lifestyle that favours art fairs and Biennales over the slog through minor and struggling galleries. If ever there was a relegation certainty, this is the game plan.

Never mind about the art chaps, let's talk asbout you.

Also note it's pulled its interactive or comments threads. Admittedly, there was only me and about two others who ever took advantage of this option, but like Artforum's gentle elbowing of Talkback off their navigation bar, the message here is really "we'd rather not know". The only conversation they're interested in hearing is strictly one-way. And that too sums up a publication doomed to a downward spiral. Expect a special issue on New Russian Art before long...

So long guys, see you at the job centre. :cry:
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