Billion Dollar Art Donation to The Met

Billion Dollar Art Donation to The Met

Postby CAP » Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:31 pm

Of art historical interest mainly, but I’m posting this here purely on the strength of the quote from Mr. Leonard Lauder, following his entirely laudable bequest to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. –

“You can’t put together a good collection unless you are focussed , disciplined, tenacious and willing to pay more than you can possibly afford,” Mr. Lauder said. “Early on I decided this should be formed as a museum collection,” and “whenever I considered buying anything, I would step back and ask myself, does this make the cut?”
(my emphasis)

Not mentioning any names of course, but I don’t think this advice has been heeded nearly enough among prominent collectors of contemporary art. ;)
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