EIGEN+ART picks up Marc Desgrandchamps

EIGEN+ART picks up Marc Desgrandchamps

Postby CAP » Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:45 am

The site is unclear whether it's for a oncer or regularly, but good move!
I'm assuming there's a show pencilled in for this year but EIGEN+ are coy about their plans. I mean we're only talking Berlin (smallish gallery) and Leipzig so Marc is probably not getting his hopes up either. But EIGEN+ is a pretty good gallery. I wish I showed there!
Could do without the Flash slideshow for enlargements (ganz langwierig!) on their site but otherwise a model of teutonic restraint and efficency...
If they regain their spot at Art Basel (after last year's machinations by the Berlin galleries) Marc could be in for a serious upgrade.
Last year Modern Painters were impressed with Desgrandchamp's NYC show @ Galerie Zürcher, I echoed the sentiment, albeit faintly. But looking again at the stuff on EIGEN+ it actually looks stronger. :)

David Cohen's review from Modern Painters, referred to in my previous post on Desgrandchamps, is available online here. For some reason I thought it appeared on artcritical.com, which Cohen edits... :roll:
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