GONE GIRL book Gillian Flynn, film David Fincher

GONE GIRL book Gillian Flynn, film David Fincher

Postby jasperjoffe » Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:50 am

warning spoilers: the film is sexist and not very good.
(and no, just because the book, which yes I've read, was written by a woman does not mean that it's not full of women hatred, of course its the views that you peddle that make you sexist, not your gender)

1. the money line is: crazy fucking bitch
2. the main woman first cooks up her own kidnap and murder, then adds a made-up rape, and this is a pattern of her behaviour. It's a repulsive and convenient fantasy that women make up the violence against them.
3. Ben Affleck (do we have movie stars to make films unreal, the grotesque violence and tension of films easier to stomach, faker, as we know Ben Affleck is just movie-star Ben Affleck, not anyone real experiencing these awful things)
4.reminded me of those 80s/90s schlocky thrillers, jagged edge, basic instinct sort of thing, which from what I remember had slightly better plots.
5. There is never any real tension because you don't care one bit about the protagonists or their absurd schemes.
6. fincher directs with his usual visual aplomb
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