Bad Neighbors is one of the worst films I've seen

Bad Neighbors is one of the worst films I've seen

Postby jasperjoffe » Wed May 28, 2014 1:42 pm

Terrible. No fan of Seth Rogen formula. This is clumsy unfunny rubbish. Not good bad. Just bad bad. Let's see: none of the characters are anything but cookie cutter clichés (cute sweary woman, schlubby kidult man, muscly frat guys, uh that's it) I make them sound more complex than they are in the film. There is no acting , charisma, etc just the usual riffs, shouting high fiving etc. No comic situations are developed. No-one actually responds to anyone. The usual tired gross out physical bits (dildos, lactation ,yawn, the graphic has become another cliché) are inserted for youtube or whatever. The same sentimental end point, uh hello dummies we can still have great parents and be dummies (eat pizza in bed). Stupid, poorly constructed, and meaningful only in its pale reflection of vapid consumerism and objectification.
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