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Bad guy wants to kill Judi Dench because she indirectly fucked up his mouth so now he has to wear a metal jaw thing so he blows up MI6. James Bond beats up some people with a suitcase of money in a casino and goes to the bad guy's island. Bad guy wants to have sex with James Bond but also wants to kill him but only gets to kill his girlfriend before some helicopters come and arrest him. They put him in a special glass prison cell where he reveals his special metal denture thing to Judi Dench. Judi Dench goes away and he escapes. He returns and tries to shoot Judi Dench with a gun, but James Bond shoots some fire extinguishers and escapes to his childhood home in Scotland with Judi Dench. They meet the gameskeeper and Judi Dench makes some nailbombs. The bad guys come but James Bond kills them with guns, but then some more bad guys and the main bad guy come with a helicopter and shoot up the house. Judi Dench and the other guy escape and later James Bond escapes and shoots some ice or something but then the main bad guy finds Judi Dench and the other guy in some other building and is going to shoot them with his gun but James Bond appears and stabs the bad guy. Unbeknownst to the others, Judi Dench is suffering from a bleeding hip wound or something.


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Let me know when there's one where Judi Dench is killed in the opening scene. :lol:
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