The Smurfs in 3D

The Smurfs in 3D

Postby jasperjoffe » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:36 am

I really enjoyed this film. Perhaps cos I liked the blue stumpies as a kid. The plot is strong, Gargamel chases them round but never gets them permanently. Like tom and jerry. The 3D was better than Avatar, sill mainly like stage flats, but the smurfs themselves seemed real enough to make you forget they were CGI, in fact I never questioned their existence, unlike the computer game like creatures in boring avatar.

Throughout the film I felt somewhat disgusted by the underlying values it preached. Like the soppy pregnant wife of Doogie Howser ( a couple the smurfs meet in New York after they are chased through a portal by Gargamel) being girlie with smurfette, and the stupid advertising job he has with all it's inherent contradictions. And the sort of bullshit gender roles and ideas about what people want stick in the throat they are rammed down. All kind of shit is being marketed to you, while you're told nuclear family values are what matter most (although the smurfs have an odd set up, winked at in the film, of one poppa, 99 sons, and 1 daughter). The other queasy bit is the amusing Hank Azaria being huge nosed, bald, and in robe. Nazi era stereotypes anyone? All the goodies are small nosed with nice heads of fair hair.

So a smurging mix of pain and pleasure. Go see in 3d, it's worth 16 pounds. La la la la la la.
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