Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox

Postby CAP » Sun May 03, 2015 9:01 am

The other side of Chicago music, I guess. It’s funny, even when I heard this on the radio, something about the woozy arrangement behind the melancholic baritone made me think of Engelbert Humperdinck meeting David Lynch. And sure enough, Knox is a huge fan of the old Eraserhead himself and actually knows him, slightly. Here’s some background. Definitely kindred spirits. Not so much the Humperdinck connection though.

There’s various things on You Tube, I pull The Blue Car, for urban gloom and one I’m not sure of the title, but the video is titled Officer Worker Goes Insane – some guy losing it in an open-plan office as recorded on CCTV. I don’t think this is actually a Daniel Knox video, just someone putting his music to the clip, but it’s very effective.
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