75 Dollar Bill

75 Dollar Bill

Postby CAP » Sun May 03, 2015 8:47 am

A raw duo, Che Chen, a Chinese American plays prepared electric guitar and Rick Brown on various percussion. They play stripped-down instrumentals that sound like serial blues loops or field recordings from some new rural outlands or ghetto. Think Junior Kimborough produced by Terry Riley. They had a profile in NYT, last year and were playing around Brooklyn, which seems to have a pretty lively music scene. I love this stuff. Here they are at the Troost Cafe in Greenpoint. Here they are in The Random Tea Room. Live gigs are obviously easy to organise. Chen’s inspiration comes from traditional Mauritanian music which has a heavy Arabic influence, I think the tunings and stuff relate to that. He went there to study it for a while. I’m looking for a downloadable album. :ugeek:
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