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Panda Bear - Greeting The Reaper

PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:06 pm
by CAP
Well things have been pretty quiet on the Music forum while I’ve been away. I’ve been busy working on a series about wild animals and what was more appropriate to listen to than something like Panda Bear?

Actually for a while I thought PB was a bit too dance or something and then I saw him on Fallon (just channel surfing, I swear) which amazed me and made me realise that that’s what pop music looks like now. Whoa. I think he did Boys Latin – one of his hits anyway. There’s loads of stuff on YouTube naturally but it’s the album Panda Bear and Sonic Boom: Greeting The Reaper that gets my vote. Actually that might not be the right link - if not, try this one. The guy actually has a classic voice and at different times reminds me of The Beach Boys and even Simon and Garfunkel. But mostly his vocals are strikingly original and you forget that there’s a respectable lyricist in there as well. :geek: