Hey Colossus - 'How To Tell The Time With Jesus' +

Hey Colossus - 'How To Tell The Time With Jesus' +

Postby CAP » Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:07 am

London band with a cult following it seems, renowned for their anarchy and intransigence. I’m always the last to know, of course. :(

Wish I had a cult following... :cry:

Fairly fractious history from what I could see, heavy on the inchoate rumbling and snarling with pounding drums –
Mmm... your kind of thing?

Definitely my kind of thing! :twisted:

This is the kind of band I wish I had been in, in younger days, or even not so younger days.
Here’s their Brothers and Sisters, here’s their How To Tell The Time With Jesus.
Sadly I missed their gig at the Lexington, Pentonville Road on 27th March 2013 but it looked a cracker. This is just the kind of atmosphere I find conducive to contemplating critical issues in contemporary art.
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