Eastlink - Spring Street

Eastlink - Spring Street

Postby CAP » Wed May 07, 2014 12:50 pm

Obscure Melbourne band who may or may not have broken up – but who have one single on In The RedSpring Street - and promised an album in February that has still to materialise. The single has a pleasant shuffling quality.

According to the In The Red blurb ‘Spring Street’ denotes Victoria’s state government and civil service sector in Melbourne. The four young men express guarded scepticism over these august institutions. Shock.

Predictably, I fall right in line.

I am the oldest rebel.

I was drawn to the band by their name, which denotes a vast toll road that circles the outer east of the city and its western gateway is pictured on the sleeve. It looks hideous, doesn’t it? Who knew it might inspire a band name? The only time I’ve actually travelled it was in the back of an ambulance, shuttling between hospitals, so I can’t give much of a user evaluation.

But the sleeve is a painting! How cool is that? These lads know a thing or two. The geezer in the record shop assures me they will ‘reform’ (i.e. start doing gigs again) when one of their number returns from abroad where he has been on video duties.

They are so talented.
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