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Postby CAP » Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:40 am

The cutely named Australian unit seem destined for the charts or at least the stadium/festival circuit. I could only half get interested. Nice guitar, good melodies, but… lacking edge. There’s a chilling (rather than cool) interview along with their studio set for KEXP, Seattle. This band is already Rocksta-Biz – wearing shades for a studio video interview, says it all. Cringe factor 12.

They’re not from Melbourne so the bullshit detector was already going off obviously, but significantly, they are at pains not to be seen as coming from Sydney either. Can’t blame them. Instead they’re billed as hailing from The Blue Mountains (about 40 miles west of Sydney) – which sounds a whole lot folksier, rootsier. But in reality it’s not much more than a commuter belt of dormitory towns and villages surrounded by a sprawling national park, prone to terrible forest fires.

Shall I reminisce about my teenage years spent in The Lower Blue Mountains? Perhaps not. :?
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