Industrial Park

Industrial Park

Postby CAP » Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:34 am

Portland, Oregon duo, Emma Barnett (guitar and vocals) and Nick Makanna (drums) - and I suspect a bassist hovering on the wings, for the live set at the evocatively named venue - Slabtown.

As the band's name suggests, a grim, desolate and driving vibe, part Goth, part Joy Division. My kinda people! Not surprisingly, they turn out to be artists, who fairly casually turn their hand to rock, with no great ambition, but loads of spirit. Their top tune is Straight Lines, but unfortunately there’s only a poorly recorded live version on You Tube. Try Soundcloud. Their first single, Cold White is there. Echoes and May give some idea of the métier.

This is not major stuff obviously, but enjoyable for the aficionado. 8-)
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