Tune Yards

Tune Yards

Postby CAP » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:30 am

Or tUnE-yArDs as the band like to spell it – to the annoyance of web reporters. The band was really hot a few years ago; complete with reactionary backlash against Merrill Garbus, lead singer and mainstay, apparently for her facial hair. A crazy lady in The Guardian went on about it. I don’t know. :shock:

I heard them on the radio and liked their inventiveness. Garbus’ amazing vocal range and folk/world/garage ethos still seems like a breath of fresh air. The straights seemed to find the whole thing too gimmicky, too precious to last. I think if the band have a weakness it might be in the emotional range (rather than the vocal range) of the songs. The songs seem mostly exuberant, simplistic declarations of personal freedom and achievement. The sexual details in lyrics I leave to the churchy Guardian fems. There’s certainly scope to expand on the song writing themes, and given the sophistication of sources and musical treatments, perhaps to be expected. But for the moment, this stuff rocks! :ugeek:
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