DIG FOR VICTORY at the Rattlesnake

DIG FOR VICTORY at the Rattlesnake

Postby jasperjoffe » Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:39 am

As someone who knows very little about music, a friend's invitation to this gig was of mainly sociological interest. The R Snake is a largish American style bar on the fetid sewer of fauxny themed restaurants and bars known ironically as UPPER Street. DIG FOR VICTORY are two guitarists, one self effacing and the other more singy, a keyboardist with a beard, a hyperactive drummer, and the lead man a singer who is the focus of the performance. These 5 middle-aged men dressed as though they'd just wandered in off the street, produced a very loud harmonious (although that word sounds wrong in terms of rock) wall of noise which I found pleasant and entertaining to experience, I couldn't really discern most of the words. Without knowing their culture, or the terms of reference, they seemed skilled and talented, and I admired the lead singers antics which reminded me of a movie I saw about the guy from Joy Division, he pranced around and talked to the crowd "the band, the band" he said as though too much adulation was coming his way, demanded a bear, sang mournfully and belted them out and did his funny confident nervous dance. How do they get here, where does the courage and motivation come from to perform, what do they want out of this? Perhaps it is just this moment they are into. After the hubbub had died down, and a young punter told me I looked like Slash (whom I googled, there is a resemblance), DIG FOR VICTORY frantically packed away all their equipment and another rocky outfit came on the little stage with the powerful amplifiers. Strangely this band looked even less like a rock group, the lead singer was dressed in blokey clothes circa 1990s, and he too had a powerful presence, but also did the same flappy hand thing I recognised from love will tear us apart, it must be catchy.
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Re: DIG FOR VICTORY at the Rattlesnake

Postby CAP » Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:21 pm

Naturally they have You Tubes. ;)

They're probably all of Ian Curtis vintage. Lead singer would do well to rethink his wardrobe or lose a few pounds... :?
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