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Toronto grunge/thrash trio’s eponymously titled first album on Subpop, spent the best part of a day driving around a wet, jammed city listening to this – driving music, at its most driven. It’s had rave reviews all over the place simply for remaining true to a heads down, hard driving grunge approach. Critics predictably summon up Subpop’s legendary Mudhoney, Paul Lester at the Guardian can’t go past Big Black – but I can. Howzabout Chicago precedent if not template for BB – Jesus Lizard? And their earlier incarnation, Halo of Flies? But the howling vocals, drowned in echo – as if from the other side of a derelict warehouse – echt grunge! – also recall New York’s finest The Unsane from the late 80s early 90s. Ah thems was the days.

But look I’m enjoying METZ (the name capitalized possibly to ironically flaunt capitalism, possibly to name check noted 70s French film theorist Christian, possibly distinguished French city of The Lorraine). They will not be the next Nirvana, this is not a masterpiece. But it is promising. 8-)
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