India’s DEVIKA CHAWLA & Pakistan’s ZOHAIB KAZI release a new

India’s DEVIKA CHAWLA & Pakistan’s ZOHAIB KAZI release a new

Postby Surabhi Trivedi » Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:01 am

New Delhi: San Francisco based Indian vocalist Devika Chawla & Pakistani music producer Zohaib Kazi announce the release of their second groundbreaking collaborative single titled ‘Naraaz Mausam’ that was conceived, produced and recorded completely through their remote collaboration over the Internet and Social Media Platforms.

Sony Music India has featured this track in its recent compilation titled “Lounge Nirvana”, also featuring tracks by A.R. Rahman, Rahul Sharma, Rohail Hyatt, Sandeep Chowta and others.

‘Naraaz Mausam’ is a contemporary lounge presentation of an original song created jointly by Zohaib & Devika. As with their first collaboration ‘Bijuri’, both artists have created this track through remote collaboration, despite never having met each other and residing in different continents. All interactions were over Internet email & Skype chat/calls.

Devika & Zohaib are able to preserve and showcase their respective styles and expertise in this track and create something that represents their shared passion for eclectic music. The track is available for paid download on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and other digital stores, and can be heard on the artists’ YouTube channels &

About Devika: San Francisco based Indian vocalist Devika Chawla, who has released two solo albums in the past, is known for her distinct vocals and ability to adapt her Hindustani classical training to contemporary music. Her second album ‘Saari Raat’ that was produced by former Vital Signs bassist Shahi Hasan reached the top of the pop music charts in India (courtesy Rhythmhouse Mumbai) & top of the Pop music charts in Pakistan (courtesy Laraib Music). Her most popular tracks include ‘Kehnde Ne Naina’ from her album titled ‘Devika’ and ‘Barkha Bahaar’ from Saari Raat. Her music has been licensed for several Sufi compilations including Sony Music’s ‘Teri Deewani’, ‘Sufiaana’, ‘Judaaiyaan’ and Saregama’s ‘Colours – Sufi Ke Anek Rang’. She has also collaborated with several other musicians including Punjabi Rapper Bohemia on his top selling hip hop tracks ‘Ek Tera Pyar’ and ‘Dil’ released by Universal Music India. Her track ‘Kothay Uttay’ was also remixed and licensed for the movie ‘Spanish Beauty’ with Barbara Mori. For more information on Devika’s music, visit her official website at

About Zohaib: Karachi based Pakistani music producer Zohaib Kazi is a progressive visionary who works with a self-invented genre he calls ‘Ambient South Asia’. With a wealth of knowledge in music and expertise from his current role as Manager Operations at Coke Studio, Kazi is passionately involved in designing and managing all aspects of his music. So far he has released three singles and two videos including ‘Maan Lo’ with Zara Madani and Nad-e-Ali, which went on to top most music charts in Pakistan. His current projects include several collaborations with other artists and work on his own album titled ‘Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher’ based on a novel he is writing. For more information on Zohaib’s work, visit
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