YOUNG GODS - 2012 London Graduates Curated by Zavier Ellis

YOUNG GODS - 2012 London Graduates Curated by Zavier Ellis

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2012 London Graduates

Curated by Zavier Ellis


Winsor & Newton
Conté à Paris
Griffin Gallery
Tiger of Sweden

The Griffin Gallery

Private View
Wednesday January 9th 2013 6.30-8.30pm

Exhibition Dates
Thursday January 10th – Friday February 15th 2013

Gallery Hours
Monday–Friday 2pm–5pm or by appointment

The Griffin Gallery, The Studio Building, 21 Evesham Street, London, W11 4AJ


Steven Allan (Royal College of Art)
Eyal Edelman (Camberwell College of Arts)
Andrew Leventis (Goldsmiths College)
Sikelela Owen (Royal Academy Schools)
George Rae (Central Saint Martins)
Christopher Kulendran Thomas (Goldsmiths College)
Sheila Wallis (City & Guilds of London Art School)


Private View
Thursday January 10th 2013 6.30-8.30pm

Exhibition Dates
Friday January 11th – Saturday February 16th 2013

Gallery Hours
Wednesday–Saturday 11am–6pm or by appointment

CHARLIE SMITH london, 336 Old Street, 2nd Floor, London, EC1V 9DR


Eyal Edelman (Camberwell College of Arts)
Peter Georgallou (Royal College of Art)
Salome Ghazanfari (Goldsmiths College)
Adele Morse (Royal Academy Schools)
Jessica Rayner (Royal College of Art)
Christopher Kulendran Thomas (Goldsmiths College)

+44 (0)20 7739 4055

The 2012 edition of annual exhibition Young Gods will take place simultaneously across two locations in west and east London. Selected and curated by Zavier Ellis, director of Shoreditch gallery CHARLIE SMITH london and co-founder of THE FUTURE CAN WAIT, the exhibition will be a multi-disciplinary presentation of London’s most exciting graduates from the summer of 2012. Young Gods is presented in conjunction with the Griffin Gallery, supported by fine art brands Winsor & Newton, Conté à Paris and Liquitex.

Focusing on the theme of artists’ materials at the Griffin Gallery, this exhibition will include four painters in Steven Allan, Andrew Leventis, Sikelela Owen and Sheila Wallis. Sculptor George Rae will recreate his life-size clay tree Quercus Robur, and Eyal Edelman will produce a real time interactive performance / sound / projection piece that encourages the audience to interact critically and directly with the other work on show.

Forming a bridge between the two sites, Edelman’s Everyone’s a Critic will be documented, edited and presented as a stand-alone video at CHARLIE SMITH london, alongside Peter Georgallou, who will make a floor to ceiling cycle driven loom that manufactures tweed; Salome Ghazanfari, who draws on street cults to make performance / video / installation; Adele Morse, who will present video and installation based on her search for the Orang Pendek species; and Jessica Rayner, whose multi-disciplinary work centres on expeditions to investigate the relationship between science, ecology and the human condition. Also showing at both sites will be Christopher Kulendran Thomas, whose complex political work draws partially on two main themes that run between the two shows: the nature of art in itself, and globalization.

The exhibition promises to be a relevant focus on London’s most exciting future talent. Previous selections have included David Blandy, Leah Capaldi, Oliver Clegg, Ines de Coo, Annie Kevans, Alexis Milne, Nika Neelova, Ryan Riddington and Douglas White.
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