Change The World Or Go Home - new exhibition opens 10th Sept

Change The World Or Go Home - new exhibition opens 10th Sept

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[b]Change The World Or Go Home.
10th September – 30th December 2011


What is the relevance of artists in today’s society and how can their work change the status quo? - these are some of the questions posed by work featured in a new exhibition at Down Stairs, a new contemporary art gallery in Herefordshire.

The exhibition, Change The World Or Go Home, brings together a diverse range of artists both established and up and coming, ranging from Turner Prize winners to artists who grew up within 500 yards of the gallery.

Change The World Or Go Home features work by Ghazaleh Abassalian, Steven Allbutt, Bigtoe Group, Kitty Clark, Tom Crawford, Jeremy Deller, Sean Dower, Jeremy Hutchison, Alexander Krone, Jimmy Merris, Mark McGowan, Dominic Samsworth, Mark Titchner, Charlotte Young and Hennessy Youngman, and is curated by Craig Barnes whose work also appears.

The exhibition runs from 10th September until 30th December 2011. Gallery opening hours are from Monday-Friday 12-5pm between 10th-18th September, Friday to Sunday 12-5pm between 19th September-30th December, or by appointment outside of these hours.

Upon entering the gallery the viewer will be confronted by Turner Prize nominee Mark Titchner’s The World Isn’t Working banner, alongside his work The Last Ten Years, a film that documents in sequence every New York Times headline over a period of ten years. Beyond this, works by Jeremy Hutchison and Jimmy Merris will demonstrate different modes of enquiry and investigation through their works An English tourist and the Oslo agreement and Creative hobby set and novelty eraser assemblage No.1 & No.2 respectively.

Turning in the other direction, the viewer will be met with three second-hand PCs on computer desks, playing videos by Mark McGowan, Charlotte Young and Hennessy Youngman (the alter ego of American artist Jayson Musson) directly from YouTube. Also in this room, Steve Allbutt’s 100 years of artists’ manifestos (abridged) will be available as a pocket sized publication for visitors to take away.

Amsterdam-based Ghazaleh Abassalian’s film Art Hero – The Contemporary Artist will be showing in the screening room. The hallways leading to this will house a display of the masks used in each of her performances.

In the next room, Tom Crawford’s Cul-de-Sac is a set of three hanging baskets complete with seasonal bedding plants. These will hang opposite Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller’s I love joyriding, a photograph of a car bumper sticker bearing an appropriation of Milton Glaser’s I love New York logo stuck to a police car.

The following room will show more of Crawford’s work. Concrete Action documents the artist repairing a London park bench. Alongside this sit Sean Dower’s watercolours of Witness Appeal signs series.

In the final room, Herefordshire-raised artist Dominic Samsworth will present his fluorescent light assemblages mimicking the structures of advertising hoarding, alongside work by Bigtoe Group.

The gallery exterior will be covered with work by the show’s curator Craig Barnes. His Lack series utilises jpegs of Ikea’s best-selling range of free floating shelves appropriated onto cheap, bright flyposters. The show will also feature exciting new work by Kitty Clark and Alexander Krone.

Curator of Change The World Or Go Home, Craig Barnes, says:
“In this time of banking crises, corrupt politicians, police and media, funding cuts, protests, riots and more, why is so little said or done by artists about the current state of affairs? This exhibition brings together artists who are making work that acknowledges in different ways this wider world into which it is placed, and also artists making work that reflects the difficulties faced by artists in finding effective ways of expression to the present state of affairs. Ultimately, the exhibition will bring about more questions than answers, but at least it’s asking questions to begin with.”

Down Stairs opened in May 2011 with Heartlands, a collection of work by artists working in different mediums but united by their interest in the countryside and its relationship with British national identity.


Notes to Editors:
For images and further information, please contact:
Julie Parmenter, Brampton PR, tel: 07775 715936, e:
Craig Barnes, Gallery Manager, Down Stairs, tel: 01981 251094,

Down Stairs is a new 6,000 square feet artist-run gallery space located at Great Brampton House in Madley, Herefordshire. The gallery showcases new work from emerging to internationally-acclaimed artists with an ambitious program incorporating installation, sculpture, performance, film, painting and drawing, both in the gallery spaces and in Great Brampton House’s extensive grounds and gardens.

Tel: 01981 251 094
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