Punjabi Academy to bring back the golden era of classical mu

Punjabi Academy to bring back the golden era of classical mu

Postby Surabhi Trivedi » Mon May 21, 2012 7:43 am

New Delhi, May 21, 2012: Punjabi bandishes, the century old compositions which have enriched the repertoire of Hindustani classical music, has always created a remarkable music experience for discerning listeners.
In this summer, Punjabi Academy is all set to take you in a mesmerizing musical ride. A two-day Festival of Traditional Music of Punjab is being organized by Punjabi Academy in association with Department of Art, Culture, and Languages, Government of Delhi to celebrate the region's rich musical heritage. The event is being slated on May 22-23, 2012 at India International Centre, New Delhi.
Renowned names among the classical singers, Tushar Dutta (Kolkata), Bhai Mohan Singh, Sukhdev Singh (Bhaini Sahib), Meeta Pandit (Delhi) and Raza Ali Khan (Hyderabad) will be performed in the festival. The festival will focus only on Punjabi compositions.
According to Mr. Rawail Singh, Secretary, Punjabi Academy, “We usually hear bandishes in Braj bhasha. Imparting a totally different favour, this festival will feature traditional bandishes that are composed in the Punjabi language. This festival is an effort towards reviving people’s interest towards this musical form. It is a century-old area of Indian music which demands proper research to unveil the collection of compositions. Through this festival we try to encourage classical singers to perform these kinds of musical forms”
Punjabi is said to be the only other language apart from Brajbhasha, in which bandishes, a narrative composition of Hindustani music, are composed over centuries. The festival will showcase Dhrupad, Khayal and Thumri bandishes which were composed in the Punjabi language. The Punjabi bandishes composed by Shah Sadarang and Shah Adarang, creators of the Khayal style of classical music, will be also presented in this festival.
Tushar Dutta, among the most celebrated young vocalists of Kolkata will present the inaugural performance which will be followed by the performance of Bhai Mohan Singh and Sukhdev Singh. On the second day Delhi-based classical singer, Meeta Pandit and Raza Ali Khan, grandson of legendary Ustad Bade Ghaulam Ali Khan and son of Usatd Munawar Ali Khan will chant Punjabi bandishes.
About Punjabi Academy
Delhi after independence emerged as a cosmopolitan city of diverse cultures and languages. It has always been the endeavor of the Delhi Administration to provide all possible facilities for the development and promotion of different languages and projection of the composite culture of Delhi. Thus, the Delhi Administration established the Punjabi Academy in September, 1981 to propagate and promote Punjabi language, literature and culture as an integral part of composite culture of Union Territory of Delhi.
Ever since its inception, the Academy has been playing a catalytic role in the proliferation of Punjabi literary and cultural activities, in the spheres of music, folk dances, seminars, symposia, short story, poetry, novel, literary criticism, drama etc. during the last two decades, the Academy has assumed a significant role and status of premier organization in the field of Punjabi language, literature and culture. Department of Art, Culture and Language (Government of Delhi) is the administrative department of Punjabi Academy. Please visit www.punjabiacademy.com for more information.
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