The Girls by Lori Lansens reviewed by Denni Rusking

The Girls by Lori Lansens reviewed by Denni Rusking

Postby dennirusking » Fri May 16, 2014 9:05 pm

“I have never looked into my sisters eyes. I have never bathed alone. I have never stood in the grass at night and raised my arms to the beguiling moon. I’ve never used an airplane bathroom. Or worn a hat. Or been kissed like that. I’ve never driven a car. Or slept through the night. Never a private talk. Or a solo walk. I’ve never climbed a tree. Or faded into a crowd. So many things I’ve never done, but oh, how I’ve been loved. And, if such things were to be, I’d live a thousand lives as me, to be loved so exponentially.”
And so begins "The Girls" by Lori Lansens. I loved this book and didn't want it to end. Twins born during a hurricane get adopted and decide to write their autobiographies, but neither is allowed to read what the other one has written. They've both got very different writing styles; one loves writing and loves metaphors, and it's her idea to write the book, while the other is very blunt and to the point. It's amazing how well written and addictive this book is. It's full of insight and great lines such as: "It was Aunt Lovey's belief that all ordinary people led extraordinary lives, but just didn't notice."
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