A book to help you take a first dip into Stock Market and sw

A book to help you take a first dip into Stock Market and sw

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New Delhi, July 9, 2012: In times, when market is regaining its pace after economic slowdown, Network 18 Publications recently launched Fundamentals of Investing in Equities and Assets that Create Wealth, a complete guide for beginners to get start with investing in equities to create valuable paper assets.
Famous author and entrepreneur, Mr. Yogesh Chabria co-authored the book with Ms. Anubha Singhania.
The latest in investing and finance series is a guide for people who are keen to step out, to start investing in stocks. The book highlights the 'fundamentals' of stock investing, but is not for those who are looking for trading or 'get rich quick' ideology.
Mr. Yogesh Chabria has been a contributing author to the International Bestselling Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul and has written for several publications all across the world. Ms. Anubha Singhania, an investor and entrepreneur, is the Founder, Managing Director & CEO of Quantum Dynamics.
“There are many books available on investing today. What sets this book apart from the herd is its comprehensiveness. It covers almost every aspect a lay person should be aware of. There are many hidden gems- CAGR, Rule of 72, Price Spread etc. Difficult concepts like p/e, eps, peg, and other investor ratios are covered very simplistically so even 17 year olds can start investing if they so wish,” said co-author Anubha Singhania.
The book also covers important topics which beginner investors often overlook - like the importance of first putting together an investment thesis and developing an investment philosophy – and the necessity of developing the needed investor traits and characteristics.
The authors have put an extra effort to highlight investment philosophies of the great investors of the world in an interesting way. It is a true gem. With this, they bring to notice an important fact often overlooked by not only beginner investors, but also seasoned investors- the necessity to develop and nurture your own investment philosophy.
The book comes with superlative recommendations. Industry Expert Mr Shankar Sharma (formerly of First Global), has rated the book ' Must-Read' for not only lay persons, but seasoned fund-managers too.
Mr Narendra Bansal ( Intex Technologies), Mr Deepak Kothari ( Pan Parag), Mr Abhishek Dalmia ( Revathi Equipments), Mr Dilip Modi ( President Assocham 2011-12) have all given raving reviews for the book.
“Currently, barely 2% of the total population invests in shares - mainly due to many misconceptions about stock markets floating around. This book will certainly make a difference by instilling an approach to investing with the perspective of business. The book contains brief primers on stock markets, equities, financial statements, and stock classifications we touch upon the art and science of picking stocks and building a portfolio. We also look at investment philosophies of some great investors of the world to enable you to learn from them and form your own investment philosophy,” said Mr. Yogesh Chabria.
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