Life by Keith Richards

Life by Keith Richards

Postby CAP » Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:03 pm

The first third is OK - great portrait of growing up in London in the 1950s - 60s, Dartford style. Amazing memory given all that substance abuse for 40 years. After that it's a dreary parade of drug busts, court cases and world tours. Lottsa bitching about Mick Jagger, but I guess it's not easy being a middle-aged pop star, pretending to be rebel when you're a multi-millionaire, dressing up your indulgences as defiance when you've got all the bribes and connections in place. By the time Keef gets on to open tunings and brass sections, you know it's all over now, man. Whatever roots he had, have been pretty much worn away, tinted for nostalgia's sake.
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