ARTFORUM - Censoring their own Talkback again

ARTFORUM - Censoring their own Talkback again

Postby CAP » Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:27 am

Little Timmy and the team throw the occasional hissy fit when the house droll gets comprehensively outdone. This time on the Jane Champions thread, which has had three posts removed (one of them - you won't be surprised to hear - by me). The link shows how the thread now stands. :(

But in the interests of transparency, honesty and a bit of a laugh - I can present the full thread as it stood on March 12th 2011 here -

Jane Champions
A discussion related to the 03.07.11 Diary entry:

Re: Jane Champions
by thehangeron (03.07.11 11:02 pm)

Wow, Kate Sutton's week beats my year.

Re: Jane Champions
by dagwead (03.08.11 03:19 pm)

Rorty's own quotation, regarding his own Contingency, Irony and Solidarity:
"Wolin's view is echoed by Terry Eagleton, Britain's leading Marxist philosopher. Eagleton says that 'in [Rorty's] ideal society, the intellectuals will be "ironists," practising a suitably cavalier, laid-back attitude to their own belief, while the masses, for whom such self-ironizing might prove too subversive a weapon, will continue to salute the flag and take life seriously'. Der Spiegel said that I 'attempt to make the yuppie regression look good.' Jonathan Culler, one of Derrida's chief expositors, says my version of pragmatism 'seems altogether appropriate to the age of Reagan. Richard Bernstein says that my views are 'little more than an apologia for an old-fashioned version of Cold War liberalism dressed up in "fashionable" post-modern discourse.' The left's favorite word for me is 'complacent,' just as the right's is 'irresponsible'."
It's an interesting notation upon Marx-urbain 'Wallpaper theory' perhaps concomitant to the Grammercy-era fair, where a Zurich gallery showing a David Byrne superego vitrine "stuck out" as—-how would one say—anathema, perhaps. Fashion attacks, from a number of years ago. It means what it means to be at Stonewall, one supposes.
Liked the Samaras show at UArts. Good feel to it. Strange, good feel. Having breezed past the vinyl wall text, my first thought was "this artist's work owes a great debt to Lucas Samaras." And there you have it. It did. Good show. :)

Re: Jane Champions
by dopplebock (03.09.11 01:34 pm)

aristocrats love irony, but when they step down to the level of he common man, they forget to be ironic, and enjoy life. Or if life is miserable, like other lowly plebs, they find comfort in irony. Interesting huh? I dunno, sweeping generalizations get me hot. Lucas Samaras still sucks.

Re: Jane Champions
by CAP (03.11.11 10:15 am)

Emma and Jake looking more like The Avengers all the time.

Re: Jane Champions
by dagwead (03.11.11 12:31 pm)

The Met seems to be decamping IT'S Nineteenth Century, current and upcoming, through the Lenz of the late Nineties. One could prolly blame Samaras on Schneeman because this downtown uptowns my decollage. So the content remains, uh, rich like that. He's more interesting than a heck of a lot of other ironic New Yorkers. By that, I mean New Yorkers with Style. Real New Yorkers. With the Goods. It's my chintz entirely, kind of a shame for the Met. Missing the structuralist message of Princeton's Noa Noa, then uh, curatorial tacky to the furniture. Chintz from NEW MUSEUM. Peasants and wows from the missing pieces countries. Because the glorious apex which was 19th Century Manhattan truly IS old-guard Europe. We are eating a little boy and a little girl, and soon, we shall walk only a half pace behind any Diesel Madisonian. There shall be a ninetysomething uptown and we can't wait. How can we decamp the chintz now? I mean we already have EVERYTHING. When we started this place statuary was JUST PLASTER, dagos dripping ice cream everywhere on a free Sunday. Yes, let's have a look at that. Us Free Kittens are adjusting for interest. The secret is: we are boring. :)

Re: Jane Champions
by dagwead (03.11.11 12:57 pm)

Wop-a-dago, we rejoin you. Ah yes, we rejoin your peasant mannerism, in the most abstract, expressionistic manner possible. I redundify this embarrasing display of dundiferous magnificity. I ply this museum scene with Lovers, and, is that enough? YOU SHALL HEAR FROM US. Wait. We are rich with materiel information! We get, we get, we get! LIKE WE HAVE SAID YOU SHALL HEAR FROM US.

Re: Jane Champions
by CAP (03.12.11 6.47 am) -time not entirely correct

History is rewritten on a whim and a prayer as the great rubber barrens of a dig-it-all age slouch toward a rusting wreck of a town, eaten hollow by the competition from within and without, the secret network that dare not speak its name, but knows how to finger the best, write to the end and the last. “Stealin’” The middle men and mediators; mad, bad and just plain sad. Where do they get those accents? The critics of the critics, in the court of a Yanqui Prince masturbating on heritage. Enjoy the decline. Lie back and think of Amerika. Remember a nation built on rejects, the misfits and surplus to requirements for the Europa cashcow, the sacred culture of expansion and enslavement. Ah all good things must come to an end and the end is justified by the means, and the means just don’t get any meaner. The middle class shrinks, the working class shirks but the Manhattan project keeps alive the dream of masters from another time, a different continent, a farther land. The uncommon good well MET by moonlight. Let’s hear it for the swells with another passport and friends amongst the scribes, looking back fondly, adjusting their culture affectionately, one eye on the door, one hand on the phone.

Remember when Samaras was a P&D dabbler? Bespoke of a tailor to the trendy Wendies? Kool-aided Luke never did tire of being last on the bandwagon for the radical, first to change hearses mid-stream and intramuralize, at a distance, from the safety of the burbs, with all the right papers and ins. SO radical! That saithe something about a man. He worked the room just to make room. It’s a rare gift that calls for no commitment beyond devotion to the superficial, the cut of a jib that goes all the way to the bone, wishing and a hoping on a zephyr fully of breeziness. Who stands for just the gimmicks and gadgets, the say-so of others and a well-worn path to discovery? That’s pure Ivy League son. Now is the time.

To decamp or decant, debrief or debouche, debauch or debase? Dat deepens on de orders.

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