Nick Goss 'Green Lanes' @ Josh Lilley

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Nick Goss 'Green Lanes' @ Josh Lilley

Postby CAP » Tue May 05, 2015 10:48 am

I was expecting a bit more from this one, having only recently discovered the artist’s work, but there’s delicate, cursory first touches in a restrained palette and then there’s just wishy washy. The artist has always favoured washes (some of his best things are smaller watercolours) and a somewhat open, spacey composition. But they seem to have drifted a bit too far into the ether this time – as ghosts of ghosts of ghosts of Matisse.

I liked the things from a few years ago, maybe they involved more layers or resolution to key parts, but the present batch seem to be settling for less...

Also, changes to the Lilley website now find it riddled with the dreaded Flash slide animations, :x making it not only harder to navigate without the proscibed browser, but harder to link to helpful examples here – voiding links in previous posts about shows there. Bad move guv. :(
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