MARLENE DUMAS at Tate Modern

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MARLENE DUMAS at Tate Modern

Postby jasperjoffe » Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:28 pm

Rather disappointed, to repeat my pun, much Munch, little bite. She draws well, and the facility is used over and over again to beguile with the eyes, while the rest is expressively distorted in drip, colour, or shape. Seems all too easy after a while, like graphic art. Usual bumpf that it all means something.
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Re: MARLENE DUMAS at Tate Modern

Postby CAP » Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:32 pm


Going back to her first museum survey - The Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven in 1992, I think it was - (Miss Interpreted) - yeah that's 23 years of 'em! - there has not been a lot of development or variety. Even back then there was the child sexuality/race/politics nexus, although with a more South African inflection initially - and the indian ink on wet paper sketches (the ink then spreads or spiders into attractive patterns - you did it kindergarten or early grades of primary school) mounted in gridded suites.... Graphics 101. The Munch-like curves to full length figures - zzzzz - Only Doig can match this kind of medicrity. :P

And since then she has pretty much just banged on about other hot political topics - online porn (gimme Ruff) Israel/Palestine Wall (actually not very good at landscape) and taken a certain amount of shit from New York Fem critics for not being American and which might make for a certain amount of tightrope wriggling from the Tate Madam posse but frankly this stuff has been stale for some time. :evil:

Come on team - try a Valerie Favre survey! :)
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