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Postby CAP » Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:57 pm

Same old graphic designer's taste in style mash-ups within a picture that we've become accustomed to... :roll:

Maybe it'd be kinder to skip this sort of show. But then again, my reserves of kindness are running pretty low just now. :x

It's not that the guy can't paint but that he's stuck with a very flat-footed idea about object=pictorial style. And it's not that there isn't mileage there but that Dexy settles for the clichés when he should be pushing it harder. :cry:

They look like they might be clever illustrations in The Observer Colour Supp or whatever, accompanying some clever text, but by themselves they just look empty or late-late-late, pale-pale-pale echoes of early Hockney or mid-period Caulfield. Oh so dry, no? ....Retch. :oops:

You could say it's an English thing, and that's probably what Simon would say, and often I'm inclined to do as Simon says, but this stuff deserves to be condemned in 2015. :twisted:

Saatchi Gallery however clearly don't share this opinion and DD is lined up for a forthcoming show of 'Painters' Painters' :ugeek:
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