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Matisse Cut Outs at Tate Modern

PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:42 pm
by jasperjoffe
Some Thoughts:
1. The show is overhyped. Veronese is a much more important show for artists.
2. The cut-outs are static, without the shifting, brilliant, amazing genius of his paintings.
3. The best of the big ones remind me of Abstract expressionists like morris Louis
4. If he had been able to he would have painted and pared down matisse paintings would have been better
5. The religious ones have the queasy phoniness of the modern post -religious idiom applied in a clumsy way to Christian stuff
6. the frilly leaf shape gets boring
7. Richard Hamilton upstairs is worse.
8. People like them because they're pretty patterns and not much else, whereas real Matisse uses pretty/ crazy patterns to make disturbing paintings.