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Matter & Memory (group show) @ Alison Jacques

Postby CAP » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:59 pm

A pretty good group show of seven mostly sculptresses - I couldn’t see who exactly curated it. I’m assuming Jacques. Nice job. :) Anyway it winds down soon (16th Jan – 15th Feb). There’s nothing really outstanding here, but it works well as an ensemble, a sort of cross-section of Post-Minimal abstraction in sculpture, with a few, inevitable forays into 2-D (Blank, Dash and Pirecki - that's actually their names). I liked the range in scale and materials, names, origins and history. Don't know about the memory-Bergsonian thing in the press release though. :?

There’s quite a bit of sculpture around the commercial galleries at the moment, for some reason (not just another way of saying that painting is a bit dull either). Topping the bill later this month there’s a big show of Richard Deacon at The Tate Madam. Everyone knows about Deacon of course, he’s had the big Phaidon monograph treatment (two editions, if memory serves) but the survey seems timely. He was one of the wave of Brit Sculptors from the early eighties (Cragg, Kapoor, Woodrow, etc) that really kicked things on after a respectable gestation period (pretty much the 70s, post the Wilson-Conceptual axis) and then got a bit overlooked with the Saatchi-Hirst roadshow through the 90s-00s. I don’t think Saatchi ever bought in (?) – probably because Serota was sold. Oh those two! It’s a shame, because aesthetically that team trumps Hirst and the Koons/New York nexus. I’m tempted to write something but I doubt I’ll have time to do the research. We’ll see. :ugeek:
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