Sarah Lucas at the whitechapel gallery

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Sarah Lucas at the whitechapel gallery

Postby jasperjoffe » Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:08 pm

A good show, entertaining and stimulating. Somehow her appearance, a British woman of now with a fuck you expression, is manifest in the show literally and figuratively, whatever that means. It means there are pictures of her, and lots of rude jokes, and rude bits, and for a sort of seesaw to mens surrealism, their cutting up of womens bodies, we have her bits of dicks and dicks (and some boobs actually). The freedom of breezeblock plinths and mobiles gently rotating which would make tasteful Calder flip in his grave, and sculptures made from crap, and toilets, and food and cigs, some shiny dali sculptures, the occasional surprisingly good in an old fashioned sense sculpture (they show what things look like in space, not just juxtapose stuff) it all adds up to a worldview, how some people are, how she thinks, of a part of our time.
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