The Scandalised Mask* @ Josh Lilley

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The Scandalised Mask* @ Josh Lilley

Postby CAP » Sun May 26, 2013 3:32 am

Top show of three photographers/video/installationists and a painter, Peter Linde Busk, built around a theme of willful obscurity and title of a James Ensor painting. I guess what they’re getting at is the inadequacy of the mask as a reliable representation of a person, but masks not all that is involved here. Well, interpretation probably not Lilley’s strong point but the photo-based stuff in particular worked for me. Check this one out (runs ‘til 6th July).

Anthony Lepore and Nick Devereuex are the standouts. Brian Bless not quite blessed. Lepore is responsible for the overall installation with its seedy waiting room décor and photographs of absurd bodily engagements and comic surrogates. Mark this man. In this one, I love the additional female hand in the lower right corner. Devereuex I sort of know from somewhere but can’t quite place… Busk seems the odd man out although obviously his Expressionist drawings closest to Ensor – but then they don’t have the more utilitarian functions of Lepore’s subjects, are much less ‘scandalous’. Busk is Danish but at a glance the stuff looks like it comes from Berlin (Bützer et al) and sure enough the artist is based there.

Sadly none of the artists are local.

I should write more about digital photography/compositing stuff I know, but I just never seem to find the time. But props to Josh here. :)

Also: on the Lilley site – liked the mouseover details for each reproduction! Most helpful. 8-)

* I used British spelling for 'Scandalized' in the show's title. :ugeek:
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