Modern British Sculpture, Royal Academy London

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Modern British Sculpture, Royal Academy London

Postby art reviews » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:36 pm ... sculpture/

Good title. Weird how Jeff Koons and Urs Fischer et al are in this British Scultpure show. Guess it's some kind of clever shit. Sculpture is something you trip over, ha ha, the best thing here is Damien Hirst Barbecue maggoty fly vitrine, a great piece, makes you think of life and death and Britishness, like he wants you to. Epstein's Adam is good too, looking upwards like I have never seen a sculpture do. The rest is stuff you are told by the guard not to step over the line. It's school of eclectic curating. Lutyens war memorial, and an easter island figure (british sure) next to some guy you'd forgotten from the 1970s. Kind of irritating as you have seen it all before, and we all know shit influences shit but come on....
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