Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy at the Essl Museum, near Vienna

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Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy at the Essl Museum, near Vienna

Postby CAP » Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:51 am

Checking out this site while researching Neo Rauch, for a longer review, I have to say the comparison doesn't do Loy any favours. And yeah obviously it's a fond gesture for the celebrated husband and wife to finally have a show together (and in a public space!) and no one's going to be looking too critically in the circumstances, but honestly, as Art, Loy's stuff just looks so second rate beside Rauch's.

You can see that they share certain weird fantasies involving vegetable growths and engineering or biological tubing, but when it comes to the figures and modelling - Loy's drawing is crude, her painting technique so weak - frankly I find the comparison pretty embarrassing. There are other artists her work would sit more comfortably with, but up against her hubby's stuff, it just looks like an indulgence.

Having said this, Suzanne Gerber has posted a much more impressive example of Loy's work - or purportedly by Loy - that has sadly since disappeared. Now if the rest of her work looked as good as the small, but perfectly formed (24 X 30cm) Grimoire, I wouldn't have a problem with it - the fact that nothing I have seen of hers, looks anywhere nearly as accomplished, only makes me suspect the hand of her husband in there somewhere. Check out an accompanying example - Dampf - (steam). Admittedly a much larger work - but where has all that nuance and touch suddenly gone?

It just looks like girly Neo Rauch and it's not a good look.

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