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Guillaume Bresson

Postby CAP » Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:23 pm

Today I am thinking about M. Bresson, (no relation to distinguished auteur, Bob). Guillaume is in a big show in Karlsruhe at the mo, and the Germans, methinks rather dismissive. They're very theatrical (the Bressons)- look a bit like movie stills- if Caravaggio was your D.P. Yes they're OTT, probably belong with Inka Essenhigh as much as campy history painting. But that combination of sick violence and sweet stylisation is something the French seem to go for - like Jean-Pierre Jeunet (guy that made Amelie and that one about The Island of Lost Children or something...). Anyway, same kind of vibe in Guillaume Bresson. It's refreshing, for a while. 8-)

Here's another one.
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